visual guides to draw attention

Use Visual Cues to Guide Visitor Attention to Your Call to Action

If someone points their finger to the left, you’ll probably look to the left as well. Humans are wired to follow visual and directional cues. Imagine an airport without cues… you’d be lost within seconds!

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facial distraction

Be Careful When Showing Faces, They Might Be Distracting

Humans can’t resist looking at faces. When we notice a face, we have a tendency to first scan those faces, before looking at anything else. When you show a face on your landing page it will (very likely) be the first thing people (subconsciously) look at.

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human gazing

Use the Gaze Cueing Effect, People Look Where Others Are Looking

Eyes are powerful and often reveal a lot of secrets about someone, such as the mental state, emotions, and beliefs. In a face-to-face conversation, eye contact accounts for roughly 55% of the information, research suggests.

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repeat your call to action

Repeat Your Call To Action Multiple Times on Long Landing Pages

If you have a long page, make sure your call to action is visible multiple times. If you want your visitors to take action, these three elements should always be on a page: motivation, ability, and triggers (based on the Fogg Behavioral Model).

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most powerful english words

Use the Five Most Powerful Words of the English Language

Let’s start with a simple exercise. In the next 30 seconds, write down the first things that come to your mind when you think of the word “holiday”.

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match ads

Your Landing Page Should Match Your Ads

Chances are, most of your visitors come to your site via an ad. Make sure you match your visitors’ expectations by using the same message and branding on your landing page as you did in the ad.

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solve technical conversion issues

Ensure Your Landing Page Works on All Devices and Browsers

I know, I know. This tip is an open door. But many people leave this door right open 🙂

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features versus benefits

Talk About User Benefits, Not Product Features

On your landing page, try writing everything from your customers’ point of view. Although it might seem counterintuitive, consumers rarely want to buy things for the sake of buying them…

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Brew a Good Testimonial With These Three Ingredients

You’ll create more trust on your page by adding testimonials of happy clients. But what does a good testimonial look like? They often consist of three things.

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confirmation bias

Keep Your Confirmation Bias Under Control

“I know this’ll work because I made it!” Let’s not forget what’s arguably the most dangerous one: the confirmation bias.

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