Decrease Your Loading Time To Increase Conversions

Seconds and mini-seconds matter. Your website’s speed might have a bigger impact on your conversion rates than you might expect.

People will leave your site when it loads slowly. Most people are not patient at all when it comes to site speed. Three seconds, that’s all you have. According to a Google study in 2018, 53% of people expect your mobile site to load within 3 seconds. If that’s not the case, they leave. Every mini-second delay in your page response can result in a reduction in conversions. Instead of performing fancy experiments or running personalisations, make sure the site speed of your site is superb. It’s often overlooked.

The good news: it’s fairly easy to improve your site speed. So how can you improve your site speed? Run the Google Speedtest. It will give you a list of suggestions of what to improve, such as leveraging browser caching, reducing image sizes and bundling scripts.

speed site loading time

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Gijs Wierda

Gijs Wierda

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Gijs Wierda

Gijs Wierda