Emphasize the Pain

If you are solving a problem of your customers, such as back pain, it’s sometimes very effective to emphasize the pain – before presenting your solution. So, how does it work?  

You begin by stating the pain on your page “Do you have back pain? Then, before showing the solution, you should stick a knife in their pain, and keep twisting the knife until they scream…. well, figuratively speaking 🙂 

Tell about everything they can’t do right now because of their problem:

– They can’t sit normally
– They can’t sleep
– They can’t lift anything

… all because of their annoying back pain. 

You emphasize how big their problem is and what they can’t do because of it (twisting the knife). 

When your visitors are almost screaming out the pain, show them your solution. 

By now, they’ll realize how big their problem is and they are more likely to buy your solution because you understand their situation so well.

The formula:
The problem > Why this is a problem > Your solution 

What I see a lot of marketers do on their landing pages is stating the problem and then straight to the solution (Problem > Solution) – and skipping the ‘why this is a problem’ phase.

When I applied it (Problem > Why this is a problem > Solution) to my headline formula landing page I saw some awesome results. 

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Gijs Wierda

Gijs Wierda

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Gijs Wierda

Gijs Wierda