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Your Page Has Only One Job

When creating a page, think about the main thing you want it to achieve. For a lead-gen page, it’s capturing people’s details. For a click-through page is getting people to, well, click through. The goal of a product page is to make people buy.

Each page should only have one goal. Not two, not three. Just one. Marketers sometimes squeeze several goals on one page, with the thought of “But if people don’t want to sign up, perhaps we can let them download a whitepaper as an alternative”. Nope! If that’s the case, your ads suck because you’re targeting the wrong audience. Please don’t go down that route. The whitepaper download will distract your users from what they should do: sign up.

Always have clarity about what the job of a page is. All other things you add will create friction and distraction.

job of a page

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Gijs Wierda

Gijs Wierda

Conversion specialist

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Gijs Wierda

Gijs Wierda