Prospect Awareness Pyramid

Do you know the awareness levels of your prospects? Are they just orientating – or ready to buy? Before you can sell your product to anyone, your prospects need to know three essential things with the prospect awareness pyramid.

1) that they are experiencing a problem;
2) that there is a solution;
3) and that you are offering the product that solves their problem.

You do this by raising their awareness with content, customised pricing and tailor-made product offerings. But how?

5 levels of customer awareness

There are 5 levels of customer awareness. Each level requires its own approach and communication style.

Level 1: unaware

This group is unaware of their problem or need. Or they don’t acknowledge their problem yet. Trying to sell to this audience is very expensive. You will have to share a lot of information to show them that they have a problem. Tip: write blogs with general information about the problem(s) you are solving.

Level 2: problem aware

Although this group knows they are experiencing a problem, they do not yet know what the solution is. So they open a search engine and look for possible causes of their problem. Give this group a free ebook to make them aware of the solution, nothing more. Add a few tips that help your prospects immediately to foster goodwill.

Level 3: solution aware

As soon as the prospect is aware of the problem, they will look for the cure that will solve it. They have no idea of the available solutions yet, so they search for broad solutions. It’s smart to offer content about different solutions, even if you only offer one. In this way you at least make them aware of your solution.

Level 4: product aware

Now that your prospect knows what kind of product will solve his problem, he will look for suppliers and options. This is when you’re going to pitch your product. Give them facts and specific information about your product. Explain the functionalities and how they solve your prospects problems.

Level 5: most aware

At this stage, your prospect is ready to buy from you. It’s all about the offer in this phase. Briefly highlight the benefits and results of your product and make an offer. The content is short and to the point.

Prospect Awareness Pyramid Tips

  • Selling to people in levels 1-3 is often too expensive.
  • Make sure you know the awareness level of your prospects.
  • Match the content and length of your content to the awareness levels of your prospects.
  • Do the same in regard to your prices and product offerings.

This a conversion tip from Nico Oud. A Dutch marketing and business coach who helps entrepreneurs reach their business and life goals. 

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Nico Oud

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