Which Form Fields Cause Drop-outs

You know that people abandon your forms. But, do you know which form fields are causing people to stop and leave your site? Is it your password field, address field or perhaps the name field?

In a form analysis you can see the exact fields people are having trouble with. You can see which field take longer to complete, how many times people have to re-fill the field and even the drop-out rate per field.

If your forms consist of two fields or more, then a form analysis is a must-have for collecting insights and improving conversion rates. A great tool for this is Hotjar.

On one site, I found that just the password field alone caused an 80% drop-out in the sign-up process. A huge conversion leak. On average it took people 69 seconds to complete the password field, with a refill rate of 87%. When I viewed the field it quickly became clear to me why this happened. The requirements were so insane, your password needed to look like a nuclear launch code. And they didn’t mention the requirements in the error message…

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Gijs Wierda

Gijs Wierda

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Gijs Wierda

Gijs Wierda